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I have been informed by Dr. that I am rubella non-immune. Rubella is a virus that can be prevented by vaccination. My blood tests indicate that I am rubella non-immune which means I am not protected from getting the rubella virus.

Rubella virus causes a disease that can result in fever, rash, and joint pain. However, if I am pregnant when I get the rubella virus the baby could be affected. Congenital rubella syndrome could result in mental retardation and blindness in the child.

I understand that I could be vaccinated against rubella to decrease the risk of getting rubella if I do get pregnant. If I get the vaccine I would have to delay conceiving for three months. I have decided that I do not want the rubella vaccine. I am willing to accept the risk of getting the rubella virus. I have been advised of the following guidelines for avoiding rubella exposure if I do become pregnant:

  1. Avoid all persons with rubella or a rubella-like illness during pregnancy.
  2. Avoid all persons with undiagnosed fevers and/or rashes.
  3. Receive the rubella vaccine after delivery to decrease the risk to future pregnancies.



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